Friday, 19 March 2010

COW 4ply & Bamboo Cotton

Knitwits Yarns

Had a pretty manic day in the shop yesterday plus the GOOD NEWS is that Cornish Organic 4ply is back in stock - yay! FB has been dyeing like fury (kitchen full of drying wool) and then had all the labelling to do once the new computer was playing ball. So - all colours (apart from Sennen) are now in stock, all pending orders have been despatched and he now has to dye some more!

I also managed to input the new King Cole Bamboo Cotton yarn. This is flying out of the shop already so is proving that it's going to be a real winner. It's 50% bamboo, 50% cotton and is a really lovely yarn for lighter, summer knits. Tracey is knitting with it at the moment and says it's a joy to knit with. I've managed to input some patterns but the rest will be on tomorrow (Saturday). If you go to the Bamboo Cotton page (link above) the patterns, as always, are down the left. It's a standard DK though so you can use the yarn convertor to another pattern if you want.

Eldest son - G - is off to Manchester today for the National Cross Country Finals tomorrow - he's representing Cornwall and we are very, very proud. Go G!

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