Monday, 15 March 2010

Random Monday

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Not to be outdone by the boys winning the rugby 7's tournament on Friday, the girls went on to win the ISA netball on Saturday! Obviously, I don't have girls but still - congratulations to the girls from Bolitho! That's the second time in 3 years they've won it. I don't want to labour the point but for a school of less than 300 pupils (from Reception to VIth form) in the very, very far west of the country, that's an extraordinary result - must be something in the Cornish water.

My Mothering Sunday didn't quite turn out as planned. Did manage some knitting in bed once FB & T had gone to rugby but then spent most of the day cooking and washing up - not sure what happened there. Did manage to watch some of the Grand Prix in the afternoon (not very thrilling) and caught the end of Pride and Prejudice - aaagh, and also plucked and roasted a brace of pheasants brought home by my boys some time this winter. They were delicious and I had pheasant sandwiches today - how decadent is that? Didn't manage any more knitting but plan to put that right tonight - hot water bottle cover is nearly done.

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