Monday, 8 March 2010

Hot Water Bottle Cover Swatching

Knitwits Yarns

Took the boys out to supper on Saturday night straight from work. Went to The Turk's Head in Chapel Street (couldn't get their site up but you get photos on that link). This is reputedly the oldest pub in Penzance, dating back to 1233 and there are supposed to be smuggling tunnels from the pub to the harbour (T wanted to go in them). We all had steak and chips and I was good and had the small steak but all three boys went for the large steaks and all 3 struggled to finish (but did). It was a really nice evening and we have a plan to compare the pubs of Penzance over the coming months - not sure what this'll do for the waistline but it should be fun.

Yesterday, as promised, I sat and swatched and knitted yesterday with no guilt whatsoever. Because the computer with a million viruses is still at the computer doctor I have no pictures.

So - imagine if you will - multi-coloured Peruk - pink, green, blue shading in and out at random with a big fat cable up the middle. There you go - who needs pictures?

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