Tuesday, 29 September 2009

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Just a brief note to let you know that we returned safe and well from the very far north-west and as I predicted - it was cold, wet and windy. Apparently - as we were told on occasions too numerous to remember - when the sun is out it's a completely different place. This weekend it was cold and wet and windy and then, just as we thought the sun was coming out, it turned really nasty. I was very glad for my winter woollies and even wore socks in bed.

Tomorrow there will be detail and photos and gossip but tonight I have to strip my shop window bare as tomorrow (8.15am) the builders arrive to demolish my shop front. I am a little excited and very nervous and the shop will have to be shut all day tomorrow - online orders will continue as ever but I have heard they are being hampered by the postal strikes. Longest delay so far is 13 days to Peterborough. The builders are building a false wooden shop front and then business as usual from Thursday in the shop which will then, presumably, closely resemble a cave.

Note to self: remember milk (for tea and coffee) and sticky buns in the morning - I've heard that builders work better when these are in constant supply.


  1. Oh my! new shopfront? You're not going to join the slick-looking glass front brigade, but do something with more character, I presume? Hope you can keep up the tea supply.

    And I quite look forward to your tales of the far north-west. I am adjusting to Cornish climes after 7 weeks upcountry and the difference is quite dramatic. No bedsocks needed here right now!

  2. 'Constant supply' are the key words!! Whenever we have work done, all I seem to do is treck backwards and forwards with tea and biscuits!!

    I wish I lived near enough to come and view the 'cave' this week......he he!