Thursday, 24 September 2009

Knitwits Yarns

7.25am. I don't normally blog at this ungodly hour of the morning but today we're flying to the Outer Hebrides for a long weekend! It's a long way from here so we're off shortly - flying from Exeter to Glasgow and then on to Benbecula - what a great name that is.

We've been invited to a bit of an Open Day to open their new boatshed and talk about Cornish Organic Wool and how we set up the business and market west country wool. The islanders are thinking of doing something similar so they're having a woolly weekend and we've been invited - which is a real thrill.

I have the programme in front of me and it includes the Opening of the Boatshed, display of the Community Quilt (which you just know is going to be stunning), a Lime Mortar Demonstration, Talks (including FB and me), food (yippee) and film. There is also a sock knitting demonstration so I wondered if I should get a sock on the needles but I'm taking the Beaded Gorgeousness instead and and a competition for the Best Dish with Potato (which might well be FB's high point).

We've never been this far north before so I've packed my woolies and I'm really excited. They say the weather is going to be good but, come on, we live in the very far south-west (relatively warm) and we're going to the very far north-west so it's going to be colder isn't it?

By a stupid quirk of fate (why these things surprise me any more, I don't know), Marie - who never, ever, ever takes holidays - wanted this weekend off as well so Tracey is womanfully manning the fort and will tender to your needs and cares.

Next week (I think) my builders start on my new shop front - wondrous timing - so that's bound to be fraught and exhausting - can't wait! More details on Tuesday.

In the meantime - Scotland - here we come!

Oh yes, forgot to say, FB has an attack of gout - timing, timing.

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  1. Hi, just thought I would pop over to your blog because I called in to your shop a couple of weeks ago while I was visiting my daughter who has recently moved into Penzance. I could have stayed for hours but had my parents with me so not for very long. I know I will be there next time though. I just wondered, do you have a "club" at all, a bit like a stich and bitch club that meets in an evening at the shop? Just wondered because my daughter has very recently started to knit and it would be quite a nice idea? I will keep reading your posts, thank you. Hope you enjoyed your visit. I am a quilter as well.