Friday, 11 September 2009

Knitwits Yarns

I've been having a bit of a "Stylecraftfest" for you this afternoon so there are now patterns for the gorgeous "Signature" yarn - here. Patterns are down the left hand side of the screen, yarns in the middle, click on a pattern for details. Sample pattern here:

I've also inserted another new Stylecraft yarn - Brushstrokes. Only came in the shop on Wednesday so pretty hot off the press! It's a lovely brushed chunky with 10% mohair and has been flying out today - partly I think because it's got a good yardage so not too many balls required and a really good price. I had a lady who bought enough yarn to do 2 of this:

It was such a good price (£18) and she couldn't decide on a colour so she took 2! Yarn pics and patterns are here.

I've got a few more new Life DK patterns for tomorrow and some more magazines (which I've been very lax on inserting) and then lots of lovely Katia - which I may, or may not, get round to depending on what time I get in. I know - you all want me in at 8.30 to get everything inserted but, hey, it's nearly 7pm now and I would like to see my family at some point this weekend.

FB, G & T have gone fishing. FB phoned me before they left to give me instructions to put the chicken in the Aga when I get home - clearly, he's not over-confident about catching anything.

Do you really want to know what FB stands for or shall we let it run .......... and run .............?

PS Had a Debbie Bliss delivery today - new yarn - oh, yeah!


  1. I have to say Julia, the signature yarn is really lovely so thankyou for recommending it for my sister's scarf. Soft, and beautiful colours.......I think I shall be ordering some more to knit myself that fab cardi at the top of your post.

  2. FB... Farty Bum? Nah, perhaps we don't need to know it in that case ;-)