Thursday, 3 September 2009

I've Been Having An Affair

Knitwits Yarns

I have to confess to you all that I've been unfaithful to the Beaded Gorgeousness.

A couple of weeks ago I might have mentioned that the Adriafil Kid Mohair:

and the Katia Paillettes:

had been calling to me (and to each other) across the shop.

Well, in the end, the yelling and hollering from them both had got so embarrassing that it was beginning to upset the customers so I thought - well, if I put a ball of each in my bag with a set of needles they might shut up.

Did they?

Did they heck as like.

I got them home (in a bag) and the kefuffle was a nightmare - it was upsetting the boys. So I thought - well, if I just cast on and knit a few rows that might shut them up.

Did it?


It got worse.

So I knitted and knitted and knitted and as I did the perfect union of these two perfect yarns was begun and gradually they got quieter and quieter until their perfect match - a match made in heaven I think you'll agree - was done and all was peaceful and quiet.

And I give you - the perfect scarf:

One ball of Mohair, 2 balls of Paillettes, 4.5mm needles, 25 stitches, garter stitch. Knit until you run out of mohair and there's plenty of Paillettes left for tassles.

The Paillettes sparkles slightly (some colours have more sparkle than others). FB did his best to photograph the sparkles and you can just see one or two.

The scarf is perfect - it's in my window and is getting much admiration - order now to avoid disappointment but, be warned, the noise from those little blighters is deafening so you'll need to knit them together the moment you open your parcel.


  1. Looks Fab Julia! Off to check out those yarns.......

  2. Can't blame for having something on the side if it's that sort of something ;-)

    Tempted to get something that would go well with my new purple coat. Shame I am stuck up country...

  3. I think that FB's photos are great.
    I've been wondering what FB stands for!
    I reckon it could be, 'Fabulous Balls' or 'Fab Bloke' or even 'Flatulant Bastard'. Do you offer any prizes for guessing this.