Saturday, 12 September 2009

Knitwits Yarns

As promised - another day of pattern inputting (and customer serving - yes, tinebeest - those pesky customers [without whom I wouldn't be here so I'm only joking, OK?!]).

Some nice new patterns from Stylecraft in Life DK - here (patterns down the left hand side, as always). Including a rather nice man's waistcoat:

One new pattern in Stylecraft Pure Merino, which includes that Peruvian style hat everyone's been asking for for the past 12 months - here. It also gives you a chance to practice that Fair Isle that you've been swearing you'll have a go at for the past 5 years:

I've also put in a load of back copies of Yarn Forward magazine and Inside Crochet. I've divided the magazines into Knitting and Crochet to make it a bit simpler and put the latest copies first. I really like both these magazines - they're run by the same company (KAL media) and they're always full of interesting articles and loads of new patterns. Kerry Allman, who started it all, is one of those people who you wonder how on earth she manges to do so much and stay sane and stay married (to her fantastically supportive husband) and look after 3 children (with number 4 on the way). We were fortunate to have adjacent stands at Ally Pally last year and are lucky enough to keep bumping into each other at the various shows we do. If you haven't read any of their magazines, I strongly recommend you give them a go. Knitting mags are here. Crochet mags are here.

Finally, I've managed a start on the Katia patterns. I adore their patterns and their yarns but the inputting can be a bit slow as Spanish patterns are written slightly differently to English ones. I've started with Azteca patterns. Azteca is aran weight and knits into bands of colour - completely gorgeous. Patterns are here (down the left hand side - click on the pattern you want for details). I particularly love this one:

but, as we all know, I don't have time to knit (and I'm remaining faithful to the Beaded Gorgeousness) so I'll leave you to have first dibbs on the wool.

It's a gorgeous day down here so the hunter-gatherers have gone fishing again - not strictly true, actually, G has gone to play a rugby match. 19 was a lot of mackerel, yes, so we gutted them all, ate some and froze the rest - and we did have the MinL for supper too as she's just flown in from a week in Crete. Tonight she's cooking a chicken in her kettle barbecue so I know it'll be fantastic - it always is.

How much are you willing to bet that FB hasn't put any sun tan cream on and will come back bright red?

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