Thursday, 10 September 2009

Knitwits Yarns

This week is "Pattern Week" so I've been scanning loads in and FB has almost finished formatting them. On top of which we have new yarn as well so it's all quite busy!

Today I've uploaded all the Adriafil patterns. These are all, also, downloadable from Adriafil's site in Italy but I've tried to make your lives easier so I've downloaded them here, printed them off and now uploaded them on to the site. I tell you - it's astonishing how long it all takes - especially when you have customers to serve as well, a window display to change, orders to fulfil, etc, etc.

There are 3 patterns in Baba - here. Here's a sample:

Two in Duo Plus - here. Here's a sample:

8 in Kid Mohair - here. Here's a sample:

3 in Knit Col - here. One of my favourites:

and, finally, one in New Zealand prints - here.

Tomorrow I have new patterns from Stylecraft (Signature and their new yarn, Brushstrokes) and loads from Katia. FB is cursing me but, let's face it, it keeps him out of mischief.

As predicted, now that the children have gone back to school the weather has turned glorious (after several horrible dank and drizzly days when, frankly, it could have been November). FB, G&T are planning to go fishing after school tomorrow - think I'll get the sausages out of the freezer tomorrow morning.


  1. Ah, those pesky customers! How dare they interrupt your pattern uploading? :-)

  2. Are we going to find out the answer to what FB stands for ?!!