Saturday, 5 September 2009

Knitwits Yarns

Have been beavering away on the site today so lots of lovely goodies for you to check out:

For all you sock knitters - new colours in Zig Zag - this is the zingiest of the 2:

Find it here.

Before we went to Fibrefest (and due to popular request), FB toiled in the dye house for long days and nights and dyed up some Cornish Organic Chunky:

Some are the traditional C.O.W. colours but there are a couple taken from the Wool Britannia range - so, for example, you can have C.O.W. chunky in the incredibly popular Lime Green. Find them here.

We had a huge delivery from Stylecraft on Thursday so the Life DK quantities are all topped up plus 5 new colours - find them all here. Plus we had some more bits in Kon Tiki, the big 400g balls of Aran (although we've had a bit of a run on those in the shop today so they're going fast - must be the autumnal weather) and Life 4ply.

Stylecraft have also brought out a really lush new yarn called Signature. 50% wool, single twist with a really lovely mixture of colours in each ball - and it's only £2.95 per ball - fantastic! Here's one:

It's a standard chunky and has its own patterns which should be on the site next week.

Find all the colours here.

Next week I'm concentrating on patterns - they do take a bit of effort uploading and I'm conscious I haven't done the wonderful Katia ones yet but, hopefully, next week should be slightly less manic (boys back at school now - yay!) so I can get some hours in inputting. Watch this space.

In answer to Anonymous's comment - your guesses for "FB" are pretty close. Anyone else think we should run a competition on this one? Comments/suggestions gratefully received so long as they are publishable!

Comment overheard in the street today - "Ooh look - an old fashioned wool shop". Had to bite my lip from shouting out "it is a wool shop, madam, but it most certainly isn't old fashioned"!

I'm hoping to do some knitting tomorrow but, you know me, don't hold your breath.


  1. I've been wondering about the FB bit the previous suggestions. Could be 'fancy balls' or 'friendly bloke', or 'fred blogs'!

  2. Hahaha, I think we should indeed have a competition, just to read all the entries. Now I only need to make sure I don't read them while in the library, the snorting would disturb some readers. Sorry, no guesses from me, sieve memory in operation today.

    Old fashioned wool shop? Hm, maybe you need to follow the idea of iKnit in London with their licensed in-store bar to shake off that image? Hint hint. I will certainly come and knit one, sip one (followed by drop 3, frog all, cast on the wrong number of stitches 3 times, mess up the ribbing and put a twist when joining in the round. This would be so much fun!)