Thursday, 17 September 2009

Knitwits Yarns

Not much inputting today - just a couple of patterns from Katia in their Astrakan. There are more to come which I'm hoping to manage tomorrow. It's been a bit busy (which is good!).

Some of my emails seem to be appearing in people's SPAM folders so, if you're expecting a reply from me and haven't had one, please check your Spam folder or Deleted Items Folder. Don't ask me why this happens - as you all know, I'm not Mrs Technical - it just does!

However, I do have some pretty pics for you. When my hunter gatherers went out on Sunday I went to see a friend in hospital and then had a phone call to say there were no fish. Drove back to collect the men and, as soon as I parked up, had a phone call to say they'd just motored through a shoal and would be another 15 minutes. An hour and a half later they got to the beach. In the meantime, I went for a bit of a wander (had forgotten my knitting which is pretty unusual and typical, all at the same time). As some of you may know, we live in a beautiful part of the world. This was the beach on Sunday afternoon:

Flat calm sea and St Michael's Mount in all its glory.

This was the catch:

You don't get fresher than that!

And this is one very happy hunter gatherer (T):

Happy days!

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