Thursday, 9 April 2009

Technical Stuff

FB has pointed out that my (technical) links to the new "Life" colours 2 days ago didn't work and did, in fact, take you to a completely different yarn! Now - as you all know, I'm better at knitting than technical webby computery stuff so, I confess, I uttered a few choice oaths and set to to sort it. I think - and hope - it all now works - why it wasn't working is, obviously, a total mystery and, frankly, something I'm not going to spend too many more seconds thinking about.

However, I am now going to be brave and try and insert new links to the patterns which accompany the new yarns .. deep breaths - here we go ....

8324 - Jacket

8325 - Sleevless Top

8325 Top with Short Sleeves

8326 Tunic Sweater

8327 Waistcoat/Jacket

I am desperately hoping that those links have worked. I really hope you appreciate that my skills are improving - as with all computery thingy stuff, it takes time and many expletives but I am getting there. I can knit complicated cabley things so I can jolly well crack this blogging lark.

For those of you who are concerned about my health - my mantra worked last night, I was a good girl and I had a great time. We went to The Navy Inn in Penzance - can absolutely, totally recommend it - fantastic food for a bit of a splurge.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully relaxed and knitterly weekend - I am doing absolutely nothing tomorrow except aiming to finish teddy who is looking increasingly sad and pathetic in a plastic bag in bits with bits of joints sticking out of him - it's positively cruel so he needs to be constructed - then he needs a name - any thoughts?

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