Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Apologies for radio silence, we have (as I mentioned) friends staying which is lovely but a teensy weensy bit busy. I did get my year-end accounts done (yay!) but my desk is a heap of paper - where does it all come from and what on earth happened to the much-vaunted "paperless society"?

G&T have had some wild nights (due to high winds and lashing rain rather than high jinks) in the tent and, to T's dismay, once it started raining the telly refused to work and just fused the entire house every time he turned it on. I know - any electricians out there - it's ludicrously dangerous to have a telly in a tent but it was a good idea and our fuse box is obviously doing its job!

Sunny day today so friends went to Sennen Beach and FB has been formatting patterns so, all being well, I should have some new patterns on the site tomorrow.

Going out for pub meal tonight (G & T babysitting - yikes) - repeat the mantra: I must not drink too much, I must not drink too much ...........

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