Saturday, 4 April 2009

I was supposed to be working half a day today but it's now 5pm so I guess that didn't work out. I've only entered 5 new Life DK colours on the site today:


Duck Egg


Silver Grey


They've been very popular in the shop (we've had them here for a while but I've been waiting for Stylecraft to upload the images on to their site so I can copy them on to mine).

Hope you like the new Easter header for the home page - personally, I think FB excelled himself - he's a creative blighter when he puts his mind to it. He's just phoned as he's cooking a curry (we have friends arriving tomorrow so he's getting organised) and he's told me not to rush home - my guess is the kitchen is a hell hole - I'll cycle slowly. FB is an excellent cook but his timing leaves a little to be desired and he tends to use every pot, pan and utensil to get the desired effect.

Tomorrow I have a large tent to erect for G&T (they're moving into the garden so our visitors can have their rooms) - T has worked out that, as we have an electric plug in the garden, he can plug the telly in there and have a TV in the tent. So long as it doesn't rain! Lord alone knows what the neighbours will make of it.

I'm still finishing organic teddy - battling with joints and body parts - photos coming soon. Have a great weekend one and all.

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