Tuesday, 21 April 2009

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OK chaps - we had a big delivery in from Stylecraft yesterday and my parents were down today (don't get to see them very often) so we went to lunch near St Michael's Mount which was lovely before they flew out to the Scillies for a few days - lucky them! Then I came in to the shop and tried to upload some things on to the site.

Some of you have noted (and emailed me) that some of the photos are playing up. Now, by now you probably know that computers and I don't really understand each other so why perfectly good photos which have been happily sitting here for months should suddenly disappear is totally and utterly beyond me! Several phone calls to poor Thomas later and, apparently, it's something to do with bandwidth and we've run out of it and, therefore, photos aren't showing up. We've now bought more bandwidth (I knew the solution would involve parting with filthy lucre) so things should be resolved now/soon. Thanks to all who've emailed and thanks for all your patience.

In my ever-optimistic way, I've continued up-loading so am praying that it's all working properly. We have: lots of stock in of Stylecraft Life DK, more stock in Life Aran, new colours in Life 4ply, loads more colours in the 400g Aran balls, and a new yarn - Baby Life - which comes in a range of baby colours (some of which would also be good for us big people). Patterns are being formatted by FB so should be with us by Thursday (all being well). You can, of course, select another pattern and use our yarn convertor to tell you how many balls of any of these you need.
There are also 4 new CROCHET patterns in Kon-Tiki which FB is formatting. Crochet patterns are, I know, hard to come by so I'll let you know when they're uploaded.

FB has also been busy in the dye house and has been dyeing Cornish Organic Wool in 4ply so I'll get the images for that tomorrow and upload them then.

Just to give you an insight into my life outside the shop: last night (after late afternoon emails to the USA which tend to start coming in at about 4.30) I cycled up the hill and then started on my evening entertainment. For technical reasons which I won't bore you with, we had our Cornish Organic Wool Peruk yarn spun into 200g hanks. FB then dyes these (in the 200g hanks) and they then have to be balled into the 100g balls you see and buy. Last night he had 10 200g hanks dyed in the gorgeous "Cornflower" as we'd run out of stock so muggins here has to set to and wind them off. It may sound easy but you have to guesstimate when you get to the first 100g then weigh the ball (on the winder) to check the weight, fiddle until it's right and then cut the yarn and start on the second ball. I finished at 9pm! He has promised me that he will never get it spun into 200g hanks ever again!! Every single ball that you buy has been hand-wound by me - such is the life of a wool shop/brand owner - never a dull moment!

Tonight I attach ears to a teddy bear - oh, yes.

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