Thursday, 2 April 2009

I seem to have had a fairly stresful and manic few days what with one thing and another but I've managed to put some new things on the site today:

new patterns in Cornish Organic from Tina Barrett's books - one book is knitting and one is crochet (starting to fill the huge hole that is the crochet pattern market).

I've also uploaded some fabulous new colours in Katia's cotton "Samba". This knits to DK and just look at those amazing colours - you can tell the yarn's from Spain, can't you?

Check out all the colours under "Katia", "Samba" .....

Have also entered Karaoke from South West Trading Company (SWTC). This is a 50% soy silk/50% wool blend and felts fantastically - so fantastically, in fact, that you need to hand wash it with care! There's a pattern for a sweater and hat in Tina's knitting book and, post production, Lily (Tina's daughter) was wearing the sweater. Tina, unthinkingly, bunged it in the washing machine with everything else and it now fits Lily's doll.Add Image
Finally, have entered "Chakra" from Mango Moon. This is the most extraordinary yarn and I love it and FB thinks I've lost the plot! Not only is it supporting women's refuges in Nepal and Indonesia, it's also simply gorgeous and positively edible. Chakra is hand spun and then beads and stones are hand-tied into it - you'll just stroke it, like I did. After much diddling around with huge needles and bits of paper, I designed a wrap/scarf which you can get out of one skein (so you see, I have been doing some knitting on the quiet but I just hadn't told you yet). The pattern is free when you buy a skein. You can also wrap it around your hips over a skirt or summery trousers but I can't, for the life of me, think of the proper name for something you can do that with - help, please - my brain is mush.

Photo of wrap around shoulders here:

and here:

You can just about see the beads/stones hanging off - oh, so yummy.

Tomorrow I go back to year-end accounts (no, I haven't finished them yet, thank you) and fire damaged house (don't ask). Oh, yes - and please don't ask how the rugby final went last weekend - no, really, don't ask.

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