Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I hope you have all, by now, recovered from the excesses of Easter - I wish it to be known that I was a very, very good girl and ate no chocolate eggs at all. I did consume rather a lot of sparkling wine and some very delicious chocolate cake but it was FB's birthday and we all know calories don't count on loved ones birthdays.

We had a lovely BBQ on Sunday when the weather down here was glorious and summer was well and truly with us. By Monday we were back to autumn and we are now back in mid-winter - lashing rain and very cold - such is the way when you live in the very far west - of most countries I think you'll find.

I have been beavering away on the site today and have some new and lovely things for you. Firstly, sock wool. Not any old sock wool - would I provide you with that? No, glorious sock wool designed by none other than .... drumroll ... Kaffe Fassett himself. Yes, it's glorious and, if you love knitting socks (which is a whole other discussion for another day) then you'll love knitting socks with Kaffe's latest colours - see here. And here:

for an idea of how they look - yummy! (I'm willing to bet quite a lot of money that this colour sells out first!) It takes two balls to knit a pair of socks and each purchase of two balls comes with a free sock pattern. I think they'd also make rather nice gloves ...

I've also added to new books - a Learn to Knit and Learn to Crochet - always essential reading and good for a pressie for new knitters. For some reason which I have yet to fathom - and Thomas seems to be ignoring - when I enter books the description comes up twice. Don't bother to read the second one - it's exactly the same as the first (how many of you read it twice just to check?). Thomas - if you're reading this, could you sort the problem please - thanks!

I've also uploaded (at last, I hear you cry) patterns for Rowan Classic Alpaca Soft. This yarn is, sadly, discontinued but we do have some left - not much, so buy now to avoid disappointment. The patterns came in two books - Am to Pm and Classic Landscape. As you will probably have noticed by now - and will do if you click on those links - we give you the detail of every pattern in every book and the number of balls each pattern requires. I think it's true to say that not many sites do that but it's all part of our aim to make shopping here on-line as much like the in-shop experience as possible. It's no use just seeing the front cover, you want - rightly - to see what's inside - so that's what we give you.

I regret to say that not much knitting got done this weekend so teddy is still, pathetically in pieces in a bag although he now has eyes so he looks at me in a tragic manner as I go past. I really will put him out of his mysery soon. Somehow the sewing up of all the limbs scares me so I'm just finding excuses really - I know I am. I'll put him together, honest.

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