Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Knitwits Yarns

The good news is that the marvel that is Thomas has been resolving problems on the site. This means that most pictures are now showing but I've found some more missing today and emailed the links to him - he loves me, I know he does.

The bad news is we were well behind with inputting but the good news is I've been inputting like fury today because - more bad news - the weather here is still truly appalling which means - even more bad news - the shop has been really quiet (and, frankly, who can blame the customers as I wouldn't be out today if I didn't have to be). However, the really good news is there are lots of lovely things for you now to see on the site. Here goes:

more Mirasol Miski in navy and, new colour, cream - here;

new Baby Life patterns - here (scroll down and the patterns are on the left);

new Kon Tiki CROCHET patterns - here (scroll down again and the CROCHET patterns are at the bottom) - note use of capitalised CROCHET for all you CROCHET fans who bemoan the lack of CROCHET patterns;

new colours in Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed - here - I know it's coming into summer but, let's face it the weather's been/is like winter and you can always start those winter knits now!

new beads - here - I hope you note (and, dare I suggest, "like" the Gok effort I made out of packet of these lovely beads). You could, also, of course use them to decorate your knitting or make a necklace - or whatever, in fact, you feel like;

one new book - here - Kids Learn to Crochet - (scroll down again) - fabulous illustrations and probably good for grown-ups too who, like me, find crochet completely incomprehensible (how do you get the right tension with only one implement?);

finally, latest issue of Yarn Forward magazine - here.

I cannot begin to tell you who grotty the weather is here - I am about to get drenched on my velocipede again. G is playing the last game of rugby for the season - winners of the County Cup (Pirates) -v- the Cornwall team. I don't know how the match will go but I can assure you he'll come home wet and muddy - joy. T seems to spend a lot of his life at the moment in cricket whites - the whole thing is just too confusing for words.

I had a customer in today who was looking for a summer cotton yarn and pattern (she went away with the fabulous Samba - she is either:

a) massively optomistic;
b) going on a fabulous cruise; or
c) has a terrific sense of humour.

But then Samba is a truly fab yarn so who can blame her?

And how is teddy, I hear you all cry? I'll update you tomorrow - honestly, being an un-trained designer who designs as she knits is not all it's cracked up to be - poor teddy - he just looks at me balefully (and earlessly) as I unpick various bits of him - it's positivly tragic.

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