Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Knitwits Yarns

Some of our photos are still playing up - for which I apologise - apparently it's a "server" problem. I'm thinking tennis server, silver server (or, indeed, surfer), but, no, clearly it's computer "server". I'm none the wiser but it should be getting better and, if you don't get a pic, click on the red x and the pic will come up.

Brief input today - new patterns in Life 4ply:


8337 - I really like this one - very "me"

and 8338.

One new pattern in the new Baby Life:

here for cardigans and here for jumper

which has both cardigan and jumper patterns - very useful. The rest of the Baby Life patterns are being formatted by the FB and will be with us shortly.

FB has also been very busy in the dye house so we have a new range of colours in Cornish Organic 4ply. All absolutely gorgeous and, for some reason I can't get the Baby Blanket pattern picture to show up so I'll get FB on to that one too!

My day has been a mad rush of appointments and banks and essential shopping (like ink cartridges for teenage son who has exams and realises he's run out the night before the first exam!). Tomorrow should be calmer - ha, ha!

Do you know, I've just checked that blog and I think my skills are improving.

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