Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Yarns!

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At about 10 o'clock last night I realised that finishing another new design was somewhat over-ambitious so - instead - I have new yarns to show you (and more knitting to do tonight!). And not just any old new yarn - no, indeed - NORO new yarn!

We have 2 new colours in Kureyon and 2 new colour in Silk Garden:

How any of us are supposed to choose our favourite Noro yarn is beyond me - they are all GORGEOUS!!

In view of the fact that I don't have a new pattern, I'll give you an update on my first ever crochet project - remember the double-bed sized bedspread? (always good to start a new skill with a small project, I'm sure you'll agree). Well, it started like this:

and then, by the end of the summer, it had reached this (note size of Deidre for idea of scale):

and now - after a massive "push" over Christmas and New Year - it looks like this (being shown on our bed for the first time!):

I am very, very chuffed with it but it's now, sadly, been returned to the wool stash cupboard whilst I try and rattle off a couple of garments for the shop.

Perhaps it'll be ready for next winter ...................

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