Friday, 20 January 2012

Teenagers - again

Knitwits Yarns

I don't suppose I'm the only mother of teenagers who despairs at their permanently untidy bedrooms, their inability to hang a (wet) towel up or {in our house} their inability to pull out the bath plug (is that so hard?).

So - like most parents in our position - we have the occasional blitz when the situation gets beyond a joke. This week has been one of those blitzes - mostly at T, who is going through a stage where even getting a sock into the wash basket is a struggle - on the landing easy, on his bedroom floor easy, on the bathroom floor easy - in the wash basket (which is on the landing next to the bathroom) impossible.

So we blitzed and - as part of the blitz - I remonstrated with him about a pile of used {slightly sweaty} gym clothes which were dumped on the kitchen floor and insisted he take them upstairs and into said wash basket.

His reply was priceless:

"The thing is, Mum, I've found that this house has magical powers. If I leave my dirty gym kit on the kitchen floor it usually re-appears several days later upstairs and clean. It's really clever this house".

Teenagers - you've got to love them!

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  1. I absolutely despair at the mess. Last year my 16 year old went to Borneo for 4 weeks with school, so me, his dad and my daughter blitzed his room. At the end it looked fantastic, within a month of being back it was as bad as when we first went in there. Now my daughter who is 9 has started to behave in the same way in her room, being especially messy with clothes. I think her teenage years are going to be worse.