Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year to one and all and I hope you all had a good one. We had a quiet time (which was nice) and all seem to have slept A LOT which is, clearly, what we all needed.

I had some wonderful gifts, including a fantastic book of cabled knits from Tracey, books (which I need to find time to read) and some rather nice alcohol courtesy of (now) 18 year old son (there are advantages!).

We also managed a couple of lovely walks and, on the 28th, walked one of our favourites from Mousehole to Lamorna and back. It's supposed to be 2.5 miles each way but the coastal bit (out) always feels one heck of a lot longer than the field bit (back). But it's beautiful and the path was deserted and it blew away a lot of cobwebs (not to mention mince pies):

(note new walking trousers c/o (sadly) closing down sale at Milletts. These were one of a pair of presents that I bought and then gave to FB to wrap for me - which he duly did - bless!)

When we got to Lamorna we found this sign in the car park:

FB got a teensy bit irate about this sign which is less than welcoming for our very welcome and much needed visitors. Who has the right to say how long or short a dog's lead can, or should be??!! What, exactly, constitutes threatening, abusive or insulting conduct - FB thinks some of the things on this sign are pretty insulting!! For anyone coming to Cornwall or visiting Lamorna we can only apologise - we're not all like this!

I managed a fair bit of knitting (and crochet) - remember my crocheted bedspread?

well, it's bigger (quite a lot bigger actually) and it's great as it keeps me warm as I work! I even managed one very small knitted present. I know from bitter experience that owning a wool shop and trying to knit Christmas presents for all is a bad idea unless I start the knitting in January. From September to January business just gets busier and busier and throwing in the stress of knitted pressies just isn't worth it. So I knitted one small thing for FB - a tie:

(pattern from Debbie Bliss's current magazine, knitted in Baby Cashmerino, 2 balls.) The neck should have been lined with grosgrain ribbon but the colours were all too drab so I doubled up some glitzy Christmas ribbon and glammed it up a bit. FB didn't realise - until the M-in-L and I were discussing said ribbon on Boxing Day (she had pre-approved the main colour) that I'd made it!!! Amid the bluff and bluster of me asking if he thought I'd go out and BUY him a knitted tie he said it was because it was SOOOOO perfect and he couldn't believe I'd made it. Ha!! He did concede that as I own a wool shop and knit for a living it was entirely feasible that I could knit a perfect tie! Have yet to see him wear it though ..............

Happy 2012!

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