Monday, 30 January 2012

Cooking On Gas!

Knitwits Yarns

Wow - well we're really cooking on gas here in Penzance at the moment - a new yarn and patterns on the site plus a new garment to show you and a whack of online orders today - thank you all - it's the orders and customers which keep us here, after all!

So - firstly our new yarn - the luscious Rialto Lace from Debbie Bliss. We've been stocking Debbie's Rialto 4ply for some time and it's one of her most popular yarns - a wonderfully soft and squishy pure merino wool. To add to the stable she's now added her Rialto Lace weight yarn and 8 gorgeous patterns (and I'm pretty sure there'll be more patterns coming along pretty quick too). The patterns are in her book, Rialto Lace:

and I'm about to start knitting the cardigan shown on the front cover (which is knitted sideways). The great thing about these designs and this yarn is that you only use about 3 balls for most garments, which is £16.50 - a bargain to boot!

Talking of knitting (which is, after all, what we do) you may have noticed the sweater I was wearing with the Riot Scarf in the last post:

The pattern came from the Christmas edition of "Knitting" magazine:

and, in the magazine, it was done in 2 colours:

but I decided to do it in one:

I really like it and it was a doddle to knit and the neck shaping was integral to the design so NO PICKING UP OF STITCHES - yay and yippee and do a little dance. I wore it a lot over Christmas and one person actually asked me if I'd sewn in all the sequins by hand?!! As much as I love sequins and a bit of sparkle that would - clearly - be totally insane.

Tonight I may finish another exclusive Knit Wits design - I told you - cooking on gas!

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