Saturday, 28 January 2012

Two New Designs

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Despite having gone out last night (to Truro to see Brendon Cole {of "Strictly" fame} - v entertaining!) I've finally managed to get TWO of my latest designs onto the site today.

The first is for all you Valentine's out there and is just in time for THE BIG DAY - a Valentine's Day Heart made from Can Can -aaagh! Made in the same way as our Christmas Wreaths, this is quick and easy to make and will get you in the mood(!):

The pattern itself is free but the £3.00 charge covers the cost of the wire frame the Can Can is sewn to. As it states, the wire frame is only available if you buy a ball of Can Can at the same time (and, let's face it, you can't make the heart without the frame ...).

My second design isn't a new design at all but is taken from the many variations of this theme on Ravelry. The original designs for this pattern were made in Noro but, as you'll appreciate, that made it quite an expensive item. As there are so many Noro lookalikes now, I thought I'd have a go with 2 balls of Riot DK and the result is spectacular:

and - at less than £10 for 2 balls of Riot DK - it makes it more realistic in these somewhat straightened times. The pattern is free when you buy 2 balls of Riot DK and - as Riot has a terrific meterage - if you use up both of the 2 balls (as I did) the resulting scarf is very, very long (2.5m):

(For those of you interested, the jumper I'm wearing in this pic is in King Cole Galaxy - pattern from the Christmas Special "Knitting" magazine - more on that on Monday.)

So - that leaves me with just one more pattern to write up and a whole load of stuff to add to the site - I can feel some late nights coming on - plus ca change!

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