Saturday, 15 January 2011


Knitwits Yarns

Having just checked on my last entry I see that I mentioned new knitting classes starting in May. In fact - rather rashly given my current workload and (still) lack of start on the COW end of year accounts - I've decided to start the next lessons on February 1st. That, you will see, is a Tuesday - again from 5.30-7.30 and, again, running for 6 weeks. Do get in touch if you'd like to join - either by phoning the shop on (01736) 367069 or by dropping me an email. You can also book online - look under "Workshops".

The sock knitting class was, I hope, entertaining. Casting on socks on 4 needles and the first few rows are always fiddly. I'd forgotten just how fiddly. There were a few muddles. But, in the end everyone got going - of a fashion. It was really interesting to see both our left handed knitters automatically started knitting the wrong way round so they were, in effect, knitting with the inside of the sock towards them. It's hard to explain but, in any event, it was the wrong way round. Vicky seemed to have got the hang of it by the end but our own dear Tracey struggled and has now pulled everything off the needles and I see this morning has left the wool and needles here in the shop. So - there you go everyone - even the most expert knitters still have things to learn! Tracey is doing battle with a delayed and very complicated fairisle cardigan for a customer but has promised me faithfully that she will return to the sock and knit down to the heel before the next lesson. (She's also said that this one sock may be the one and only she ever knits on 4 needles and, if so, she's going to frame it!)

Yesterday we had a vast delivery in from Stylecraft which was very welcome and I have to confess I was very glad I was working from home and left Tracey and Marie to its challenges! This morning I've updated everything on the site and we've realised that at least one sack and most of the patterns haven't come yet. Putting away 8 sacks of wool, checking dye batches and then updating all the stock levels is an incredibly long and tedious business but, at this very moment, I think it's all present and correct.

We also have the first new yarns of the year so - watch this space!

This week was my birthday and all I really asked for was a shelf in my wool wardrobe/cupboard on the landing so I can put all my reference books in one place (instead of having them dotted around the kitchen, sitting room, office and bedroom and driving everyone [and me] insane). I've not been promised anything but I have reason to believe that measuring and calculating were going on when I came in so - fingers crossed! Having checked out all my books, though, I'm concerned I may need 2 shelves - don't tell FB yet, OK?

PS: I did get other lovely birthday presents as well and had a really nice birthday supper en famille so please don't think I was deprived and am sadly waiting for a shelf!

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