Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cars ....And Things

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Today is a somewhat momentous day in the Hopson household as eldest son - G - passed his driving test this morning - at the first time of taking!! He, obviously is ecstatic and, on many levels so am I - we save approximately £30 per week on driving lessons for a start. So why, oh why do I also have an impending sense of doom and gloom?

Perhaps it's because I can foresee the long and tedious arguments that are inevitably forthcoming about, yes, we understand his desire for a car but, no, we can't afford another one. Yes, there are some journeys he could definitely do for us but, no, they don't justify the expense of a second car. Yes, he could drive himself to and from rugby training but, no, that doesn't justify a second car.

You can see where this is going .............

We have one car, and because we only have one car it's quite a big one. The road tax is extortionate, petrol/diesel (hey, let's not go there shall we? - or perhaps we could have a whole blog just about the cost of filling a car - £74 this week for us), the MOT is now annual and the spare parts need a second mortgage. And the insurance for G to drive it?? Lowest quote today - £8,000!!!!! So - no - he won't be driving it!!!!!!!

Is it me?! I didn't get my first car until I was 21 and I'd been working since I was 18. When I say "working", I don't just mean working part time. I worked full time, had my own flat, paid my own rent and bills and I rode a bike. 25 years later I'm still working, full time, we have a house now, we pay our own bills and I still ride a bike (most of the time).

So - why do all 17 year olds think that their parents have magicked away a slush fund just so they can buy a car the moment they pass their test? Perhaps it's this generation? I don't know - all I know is there are arguments ahead!

Talking of driving - tomorrow we are off to Liverpool for a knitting promotional type event which is being filmed and is all a bit secret. The giant knitting needles are on the roof of the car (another reason we need a big car!) and the boys are currently washing said car (not much point in having your company's name down the side of your car if it's totally covered in mud).

Penzance to Liverpool is a very long way and we return on Sunday (shattered, no doubt). I have packed:
- my sock for next week's sock lesson (need to get down to the heel, have just finished the rib);
- a random ball of Can Can which a customer ripped apart to see if there were any knots and then, when she discovered there were, brought it back and demanded a refund. Despite our protestations that you can knit round knots and they won't show she wouldn't have it. (You can knit round knots and they won't show, by the way, - I've done it several times)
- some Cornish Organic Peruk which has meant to be a tea cosy for about a year now. I have the pattern, wool and needles but no tea cosy - yet.

The critical thing is - is that enough knitting for 2 very long journeys?

Am I the only person who packs the knitting first?


  1. Best of luck in Liverpool! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    - Helen xx

  2. My first car was when I was 31 and had kids; by the time they were late teens, 4 cars were parked at our house. How did they sneak in?

  3. Hope Liverpool went well! You're not the only person who packs their knitting first. Though for me it's second. Running gear comes first :-)

    About cars: I did not learn to drive until I was 21-22 (and only because mum really pushed me, thanks ma! It is a useful skill). We did have two cars at the house at the time (one inherited), and I did drive quite a bit while still at home. But I have never owned a car. It is surprising how you adapt your life to getting around without a car. I have to admit that not having children probably makes it a lot easier.