Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another Job They Didn't Tell You About At School

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As promised, today I've inputted the 5 new colours and 12 new patterns in King Cole's Riot and it got us thinking about naming yarns. Not all yarns are named but King Cole do their best to name theirs. If you're having a bad day or just aren't in the mood, this must be a nightmare job. Can you imagine the bosses wanting you to come up with really exotic names for a black yarn and all you can think is, it's black, just call it black.

I think someone was struggling when they named the last lot of Riot yarns. Can you guess what this one's called:

I'm thinking "Rose Garden" or "Sweet Pea" (typed Sweat Pea there for a moment - not the right image to conjour up at all). King Cole call it "Funky". Sorry chaps but bright blues, reds and greens are "funky" - not muted pinks.

This one:

is called "Bling", which I can just about cope with but can't help feeling that "Red Hot Poker" or "Fire" might be more appropriate.

But the best one of all is this:

So, I'm thinking "Lilac Haze" or "Gentle Dreams" or even "Sweet Dreams" (nearly Sweat Dreams again there) but guess what they've called it? ..............

You'll never guess .................

It's called "Hot".

Yup, really.

It really is called "Hot". Is it possible to imagine a less "hot" yarn?

Maybe I'm in the wrong job. Maybe I should advertise my services for naming yarns.

Hot. Seriously.

(Despite all of this it's a really lovely yarn and I can't recommend it highly enough - 14 colours now and loads of patterns - check it out!)

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  1. I'd guess something like "desert sands" for the second one wouldn't go too far wrong, and "Lavender Icecream" for the third (not hot, is it?)

    I like your suggestions too. Yeah, maybe you should change jobs :-) But we'd miss you and the shop and the wool!