Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Learn To Knit

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The shop has been deadly quiet this week - I think the Christmas excesses, VAT rise and truly atrocious weather (certainly down here) have taken their toll but - on the upside - I've nearly caught up with all my jobs (wildly ignoring the end of year accounts for Cornish Organic Wool which aren't even started yet - let's just gently gloss over those, shall we?) and have managed to organise the dates for our next Learn To Knit Course.

I've changed the day to Tuesday, just because it's easier for me (sorry if that rules anyone out) and they start on February 1st, from 5.30pm - 7.30 in the shop. If anyone would like to book, please give us a ring on (01736) 367069 or you can book online - see under "Workshops". Classes are limited to 8 to ensure everyone gets maximum attention. (If there are 8 people then Tracey will be there full time to help as well.)

We start the course with casting on - which may sound like stating the obvious but, in fact, you'd be amazed how many people never learn to cast on as someone (their teacher) always did it for them. The first project (and homework) is a simple garter stitch scarf:

and we then move on to a simple shrug (which covers the purl stitch, rib, stocking stitch, simple increasing and decreasing, simple pattern reading and sewing up):

and then a simple cable bag (which covers - surprise, surprise - simple cabling and more sewing up and pattern reading):

On the 7th week I open the shop late exclusively for the pupils to choose their first pattern and wool for their first own project. The classes are very informal and (hopefully) fun. If you're interested, please do give us a ring or drop me an email.

Last term's group are so keen that we're meeting tomorrow evening for learning to knit socks, part the I. They asked for it so they're getting it!! (and Tracey's coming too as, amazingly - shock horror - she can't/won't knit on 4 needles - cables - a doddle, fairisle - a cinch - 4 needles - noooooooooooo!) I'll let you know how she gets on! In 2 weeks time we'll be meeting for learning to knit socks part the II (turning the heel) so you see I've been kind and given them 2 weeks to knit down to the heel!

The next classes after this will probably start in May - email me if you're interested -

The other job I've managed to do is format a new Cornish Organic pattern from FB's step-mum - she doesn't feel like a step-mum, more like a good friend so we'll just call her Jackie. She's a fantastic knitter and crocheter and we throw wool at her every now and again and she comes up with wonderful concoctions. Remember this:

yup - that's one of Jackie's. And this is her latest:

One skein of 4ply makes these mittens/wristwarmers and scarf/belt. J's been playing with double sided cables so, on the scarf, you have 3 cables on one side and 2 on the other - dead clever - see the inside (and outside) of the scarf here:

The pattern is now for sale under Cornish Organic Wool 4ply (and, yes, it is still cold enough to be knitting mittens and scarves!).

I'm now off to finish a sock so the needles are empty for tomorrow's class - never let it be said that I'm disorganised and/or take it to the wire!

PS: Other knitting on my needles is all rather secretive but will be revealed ere long and shortly.

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