Monday, 17 January 2011


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Sometimes this blog is very useful as it turns out that FB had read my entry about the missing birthday shelf(ves) so I got home on Saturday to find a long shelf-like-looking piece of wood downstairs. Much excitement. The shelf, rather sweetly, had a label on it which read "Not just a shelf, but a library". I stroked my shelf lovingly and told it that it "wasn't just a library, but a wool book library", which - I'm sure you'll agree - is a whole lot better if you happen to be a shelf.

Yesterday, I went next door to the M-in-L's whilst the shelf(ves) was/were being fitted and we were swiftly joined by T, who couldn't stand the swearing the cursing any longer. We waited for news (much like having a baby, only quicker). And, eventually, lo - my shelves were born:

and the angels in the firmaments sang and all was well. Well - nearly well - as can be seen from this next picture, the back shelf wasn't exactly what you'd call level but, hey, it's good enough for my magazines:

(Yes, that was taken whilst sitting on shelf number 2!).

So the rest of yesterday was spent scouring the house for all my books, sorting the mountains of magazines (I actually woke up this morning remembering where there was a whole pile which I'd missed yesterday) and putting them into chronological order - oh, yes - this wool wardrobe is, at the very least, going to start with some semblance of order (if you ignore the piles of wool, random needles and WIPs). And today, I have this:

Books on the left, magazines at the back. Yes, that's a heck of a lot of magazines, I know but - being in the bizz one needs to keep on the pulse. OK? (Is that back shelf starting to bend already or is it me?)

For those of you who are interested - and I know you are - here is a glimpse at my book piles:

I was quite surprised there weren't more and then I remembered the pile of patterns and pattern books in one of the crates in said wardrobe, which I've yet to sort. That'll happen when I finally tackle my stash busting jacket which, in case you were wondering, still on the list of jobs to do and is, at the moment, actually approaching the top - wow!

This is my basket of easy to reach needles (forgetting the basket and tub in the bedroom and the pile at the bottom of the above-mentioned crate which also holds patterns):

Here is my box of circular needles (which is an almighty number of circular needles for someone who rarely knits on circulars). Some of them, you will note, are freebies from magazines - I do love a freebie needle:

and this is a tiny proportion of my stash. When I finally start the stash-busting jacket you will see my stash in its full glory/horror:

So - there you go folks - the guided tour of my new look knitting wardrobe. I am very happy - which, in itself is pathetically sad as all it took was 2 shelves (and one of them is very definitely not level) to make this knitting girl very happy. The perfect birthday pressie!

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  1. Ooh nice! Can I come and play in your stash?

    I have a tiny stash and knitting library compared to most. I have gone digital for my fave magazines to save space, too (so the zillions of patterns are still steadily acquired). I can assure you that regularly moving house/country does miracles for that whole decluttering thing.