Wednesday, 5 January 2011

An Outbreak of Political Correctness

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I was torn between calling this post "An Outbreak of Politial Correctness" or "Has the World Now Completely Lost All Its Senses". I chose the former - please let me know if I got it wrong.

Chez Hopson we've been suffering from a Christmas outbreak of Political Correctness which defies belief - let me elaborate:

The MinL's birthday is exactly one week before Christmas and the SinL came down to celebrate and took her beloved nephews (G&T) shopping for pressies. As per the Hopson family tradition they visited a well known store where all items cost £1 (the shop name starts with Pound and ends with something to do with terra firma - you know the one). G decided to buy Granny a box of Liqueur Chocolates (for £1) but, when he got to the till, was asked his age. He, honestly, replied "17" and was told he wasn't allowed to buy them as he was "underage". Auntie (who is 49) stepped in and said she would buy them but was told she couldn't as she was obviously buying them for an underage nephew. The Manager was called. He agreed that, under the circumstances, auntie could buy the chocolates and everyone could go home happy.

But that got us thinking - if said shop is selling said chocolates only if you're "overage" that presumably implies that they have some alcohol in them and, in that case, said shop should have a liqueur licence (which it doesn't).

We move on a week to Christmas Eve. Same scenario except the chocolates were for me and FB was in attendance. For the avoidance of doubt - FB can be quite loud when he wants to be. G went to the checkout with the chocolates. Was asked his age. Was told he couldn't buy them. Summoned Dad. FB (very loudly) stated that, if G was underage, could he see the shop's liqueur licence please. The queue (which was very long - it was Christmas Eve remember) went silent. The Manager was called. FB was allowed to buy the chocolates for G. Apologised to the staff (very loudly) agreeing that it wasn't their fault but the world has gone mad.

Half an hour later, MinL went into same shop. All Liqueur Chocolates had been removed from the shelves.

Now G posted this all up on his Facebook page and had a raft of replies. The 2 most ridiculous are as follows:

one friend of his (aged 17) went into same shop to buy a screwdriver to do some repairs to his bike and wasn't allowed to buy one as, apparently, you have to be 21 to buy a screwdriver these days;

another friends (also 17) who has passed his driving test (and is, therefore, allowed to drive around our roads in a potentially lethal metal box [he's a very sensible driver but you get my drift]) went into a large well known supermarket (beginning with T - you know the one) and wasn't allowed to buy plastic knives and forks for a party. Apparently he's too young (you have to be 18 to buy plastic knives and forks). This one defies all logic and thought processing for any sensible, reasonably sane adult.

It just makes me wonder if it's the few bad teenagers ruining things for the many or, in fact, are they bad because they have so many ridiculous restrictions put upon them. Let's face it, most teenagers aren't going to go to the park bench and get bladdered on liqueur chocolates, or stab someone with a screwdriver or, indeed, do untold damage to someone or something with a plastic knife and fork.

Is it me?!!


  1. This post has just make me chuckle out loud...too funny (and yes the world has quite possibly gone mad!!)
    Happy New Year by the way!

  2. I'm very amused over the fact that members of your family went to Poundland for liqueur chocolates THREE TIMES during the week leading up to Christmas! If not for all the trouble-making, you'd probably be their favourite customers! ;)

    (I agree, though. It's all a bit ridiculous, isn't it?)