Tuesday, 4 January 2011


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As in all the best traditions, we at Knit Wits have decided to have an unmissable January sale!

We are selling off full packs of yarn (either 10 or 12 balls to the pack)[actually there's one pack of 11 but you get the drift], they are all the same dye batch (obviously) and all have somewhere in the region of 25% off their previous price. You can find them all down the left hand side of the "Brands" under "Sale Packs". To give you a taster we have:

Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky (2 colours) at an unbelievable £29.99 for 10 balls (Jaeger packs also available in Ascot and Roma):

Mirasol Miski (pure llama) at a stupendous £39.50 (Mirasol packs also available in Mirasol Cotanani, Hacho and Sulka):

Rowan Classic Cotton Jeans at a mind boggling £27.50 and (packs also available in RYC Alpaca Soft, Wool Tweed and Cashsoft DK):

Sirdar Click Chunky (2 colours) at an outrageous £18.75 (Sirdar packs also available in Soft Cotton and Escape).

Go and check them out! When they're gone - they're gone!

PS: Please note that prices are for the whole packs and where the site reads "Balls in Stock", it means "Packs in stock".

PPS: I am about to get on my bike and cycle up our massive hill for the first time in over two weeks - think of me!!

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  1. Just wanted to say that I received 2 skeins of cornish organic wool today and I am absolutely thrilled with them. I love how they have the name of the farm where they were produced. I will have them crocheted into hats before the close of day and will be dreaming of cornish sheep overlooking the beautiful cornish landscape. I think I will be back to your online shop very soon!