Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Back From Liverpool

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Sadly I can't say much about Liverpool at this stage, except to say that the journey went:- Penzance-Gloucester = 1 Can Can Scarf, Gloucester-Liverpool = the leg of one sock plus some map reading. Liverpool back to Penzance = half driving, half sleeping due to total exhaustion. It's now Tuesday evening and I'm just about recovering but, trust me, it's a long way to go for a weekend!

We seem to have a huge amount of stock at the moment so I'm being restrained on the ordering front. However, some new yarns seem to have slipped under the razor wire and today's new one is an Extra Special from Stylecraft. We don't actually stock the normal "Special" (if that isn't an oxymoron) but the Extra Special is rather lovely:

It's a pure acrylic but even I, every now and again, don't have a problem with that as the marls are great and it feels lovely too. There are some good patterns as well:

and even some hoodies for girls:

and at just £2.15 for 100g it's not going to break the January/February bank either.

Coming soon - new colours in King Cole's Riot!

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  1. Hope it all went well, and looking forward to see what it was you did there :-)

    And normal special won't do for Knitwits of Penzance, of course it has to be extra special ;-)