Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Lake District -> John O'Groats

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Greetings from John O'Groats - and that's not a sentence I thought I'd ever type in my knitting blog!

We've now formatted some photos so here's the rather over-loaded car from yesterday:

The journey up today was long, long, long. If you think the Lake District is north then, trust me, you haven't even started! Due to the website problems, neither FB or I slept very well so he drove the first bit and I dozed and then we swopped over.

From Inverness on we were driving the road that they will be cycling in over the next 2 days. Up until now we'd avoided this but the last bit couldn't be helped. Tonight at dinner I think the scale of the challenge isn't being underestimated by anyone. There are some mammoth hills tomorrow and some lovely downhill runs as well! At one point we, literally, drove up into the mist and T's only comment was "we're, literally, cycling into the clouds" - there may have been one or two expletives added as well but I'll let your imagination fill in the gaps!

Our borrowed sat nav (thanks Adrian and Mads - it's been brilliant already) came up with "Arriving at John O'Groats" and, lo, we were here.

I think the pongle is struggling tonight and loading photos is proving to be problematic (and v v slow) so we'll try again tomorrow. We all need a really good night's sleep tonight and if I ask for photos to be re-formatted now (10.10pm) tempers might become a little fraught!!

We've just enjoyed a lovely supper of local steak (boys x 3) and chicken stuffed with haggis (me). Up early tomorrow to sort the bikes, cast on the jumper and start the journey home. We're all very excited and very nervous at the same time.

PS: With regards to the website(s) - Cornish Organic was also affected. Transpires that our website hoster was hacked into and about 100 sites were affected (including both of ours). The sites should now be working OK and orders can be accepted and fulfilled but the stock levels may be slightly out and the news page is out of date. Our website designer (Thomas) has assured me that both sites are totally safe and that any card information etc is secure. I'll endeavour to put the news page right tomorrow (without pictures - I don't have them with me) and Tracey will work through the stock pages. Any problems please, please, just call the shop on (01736) 367069 and we'll help out manually. As our website designer said; "it's a constant game of cat and mouse between the website hosts and the hackers" - my language to describe them was somewhat more fruity!

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