Tuesday, 6 July 2010

D Day Minus 3

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FB and T went for a 22 mile blast this morning, averaging nearly 15mph apparently. These sorts of numbers are very important for the boys - I cycle home each evening and admire the scenery - clearly I don't have enough competitive bones in my body.

I wound off 10 skeins of gold Aran weight wool. Got in a bit of a tangle and swore quite a lot but got there in the end. Gold is required for the End to End Sweater.

The biggest news though is that the knitting pattern has arrived! This is a relief! I shall be good and knit a tension square tonight. I'm pretty sure that's not cheating. I really don't want to be faffing around with squares at John O'Groats and don't want to be carting loads of different needles with me so I think prior preparation and planning is allowed. I made up the challenge so I'll make up the rules - OK?

Thank you Tina! Apparently, there's not much shaping but there is moss stitch (for non-knitters amongst you, moss stitch is slow) - maybe there'll only be moss stitch on the front? As I said, I'll make up the rules - OK?

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  1. Knitting a swatch is part of the training, not the event. Ask anybody who's taken part in the Ravelympics or the Knitting Olympics! Good luck!

    And who needs moss stitch on the back? All those little bumps only get in the way when you're sitting down leaning against the backrest of the chair. Go Julia go! Knit like the wind, may your knitting needles have little Hermes wings on them :-)

    Oh, and good luck to the boys too. I'll be dropping round the sponsoring site soon. Don't forget to put the link on your blog in the sidebar, or just in every post!