Monday, 5 July 2010

D Day Minus 4

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We leave for JoG on Friday so you'd have thought the house would be in chaos and we'd be running around like loons. In fact, G is away for 3 days for a seminar at the University he's hoping to go to so T has taken over his potato duties. Which left FB and I to do technical, computery-type things alone with no ICT GCSE computer nerds to assist. (And also means that Wednesday and Thursday will be pure, unmitigated hell.)

Anyone who reads this regularly will know that I don't do anything technical. I have a (pink) mobile phone which makes and receives calls and texts and, apparently, has some games on it (but I've never found them). I have a small digital camera which I can point and fire but I have no idea how to down/uploads the photos from it and I have a laptop which is programmed to do what I want it to do.

Today we went to get a dongle. The lady in T Mobile was very, very patient - recognising, immediately, a (nearly) middle aged couple with not a clue between them. The words she said all, individually were English but all of them joined in a row to make a sentence made absolutely no sense to either of us. How does this happen? Give me a row of k1, p1, sl1, psso or p2, C4B, p2 and I'm your woman (that's knitting-speak for any non-knitters reading this). But get me into a phone or computer shop and I glaze over and lose the will to live. Fortunately (as I've said) she was remarkably patient and we'd taken the borrowed laptop in with us so we made her plug it in and check it all worked before we left. Apparently, it'll work now for 30 days and then we have to do something to make it work after that but I have no idea what. Something to do with texting a number - who knows.

Crucially, it works and - more importantly - my brand new dongle is pink and, therefore, matches my phone.

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