Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day 7 - Gretna -> Sedbergh

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By now it will be no surprise to hear that we woke up in Gretna to torrential rain. Having had a lovely evening the rain started at about 5am and continued until lunchtime. It wasn't just a gentle drizzle either, it was the cats, dogs and frogs kind. It just becomes incredibly tedious for the boys as they debate which/how many clothes to wear, how cold is it going to get and the inevitable knowledge that they're going to be drenched to the skin quite shortly. Even in really good waterproofs the water gets down their necks and up their arms. It would be so, so different if we woke to glorious sunshine every day!

Undaunted, they set off and took the usual pictures of Gretna (not pouring at this point):

And then, at last, the sign they'd been waiting for:

From Gretna the weather deteriorated so they stopped in Brampton for a hot pie (at the recommendation of a fellow cyclist). As you can see, they're a tiny bit wet:

There were a few obstacles to navigate:

and I caught them up just in time:

As you can see, by this point they were a tinsy bit wet:

and whilst they attempted to dry out in the van I took some arty picture of their bikes, a gate and the fields in the background:

From Brampton we headed south through the Penines (briefly along the A66 which was a bit hairy and unpleasant) and then, amazingly, after lunch the sun came out and they had a glorious ride down to Sedbergh. Unfortunately, they had a head wind all the way so the picture make it look deceptively easy! This is the bridge at Lazonby:

And then, finally, we entered the Yorkshire Dales:

As they were cycling over the top, the boys saw this sign which amused them no end. I have no idea why:

Finally, I'm sorry to have to report that we have our first cases of chaffing. I won't go into details but this picture might help give you an idea of who is suffering and where!:

Poor FB!!

Miles today - 73
Total mileage - 482

Tomorrow - through the Midlands and Warrington

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  1. paul is here for my birthday weekend, so I have a pal who can help me add a comment. (I have been trying but they get lost in space?!) Just to say hi guys and well done so far. Surely now the weather must improve and it will be an easier run. Hope so. Matt, I would help you with the embrocation on the sore bits if I could. Love from us all in Dale Cottage and see you next week xxxxx