Sunday, 25 July 2010

Day 14 - Marazion -> Land's End

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Obviously the day dawned grey and drizzly after the lovely sunshine of yesterday, but we're used to that by now and so are you. To be honest the boys were really anxious as the end was so close and yet so far and, being home territory, the smallest lack of concentration could have led to a crash or something equally hideous which would have ended the whole thing so badly.

As it happened, all was calm. They cycled in via Marazion for the compulsory photographs in front of St Michael's Mount:

and then, as they came into Penzance, the flower display could have been planted just for them:

As they cycled through Penzance they were greeted by bunches of various friends at different points, which was fantastic and then they hit the A30 for the final 10 mile stretch. And then Land's End was in sight and here they are:

and over the line!:

and here they are - they'd done it!:

A great bunch of friends and family had come to meet us:

and Steven and Ali produced champagne!:

and, yes, as you can see from the previous photos the End to End Sweater was done just in time. I finished the last of the sewing up at 11am!!

and then we went down to the very end and the obligatory photo at the signpost:

and then we came home (via the pub!):

I'm actually writing this on Sunday evening as we had a bit of a party last night (huge thanks to everyone in the hamlet for organising it and making it such a great night) and we're all feeling exhausted today and there may even be one or two hangovers. Took the dear, old van back to Plymouth today and bade it a fond farewell (except for the toilet, which we'll be happy never to have to use again).

We also added up all the cash and cheques we've received over the past couple of weeks and they came to a whopping £814 so thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone - the just giving target has now leaped up a whack.

Tomorrow we're going to put together a "things we would have done differently, had we known ..................." entry - don't miss it!

Mileage today - 15
Total mileage - 967 - and I can't begin to tell you how gutted the boys are that they didn't reach 1,000!


  1. Matthew appears to have lost about 4 ozs. Better do his "lap of honour."

  2. Well done to all!

    That jumper is really lovely, any chance of the design becoming available for sale soon? And how on earth did you manage to finish it? You really had me on the edge of my seat until I got to a computer this morning! Well done.

    The boys could always do a leisurely 33 mile lap of honour... ;-)