Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 13 - Lostwithiel -> A Mystery Location Somewhere Just Outside Marazion

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The boys headed straight to St Austell this morning and straight to Halfords. FB had already lost 2 spokes - this was his "bob a job" with good old Duck Tape to keep his bike on the road:

Clearly the boys at Halfords were highly impressed by FB's DIY skills but, nonetheless, strongly recommended a new wheel as any large pothole could buckle the entire wheel and send him crashing. They didn't actually have a wheel in stock so dismantled a show bike and fitted that for him - in short, they were brilliant:

On the left we have Matt May and on the right Gavin Beresford.

We've been to 3 Halfords now on this trip and, without exception they have all been brilliant and quick and totally in tune with the challenge and utterly professional - in short, they have saved our bacon!

This is our first view of "home":

and this is when we really know we're nearly there:

a certain person was very excited:

and here we are - in Marazion:

Those of you with too much time on your hands can play "Spot Nessie" in that picture - she's in there somewhere - honest.

When we arrived at our mystery location, the End to End Sweater looked like this:

So, for the muggle non-knitters - how long do you think it'll take to put that lot together and knit the collar? The knitters reading this are weeping for me. For the knitting technicians, who are interested in the details, I am forsaking my normal, very neat, slow mattress stitch for the perfectly socially acceptable, quicker, back stitch. Tamsin has texted me tonight to say that I'll never live it down if I don't get it finished so I'm in for a late night. Send me good vibes!

So - the plan for tomorrow is - we'll be travelling through Penzance at about 11.30ish. As I said earlier, we'll be going along the front, past the station, all round the harbour and along the Prom to the bridge in Newlyn. Then turning right into Stable Hobba, up to the A30 and then along the A30 to Land's End. Estimated Time of Arrival at Land's End is 1 o'clock. It'll be really wonderful to see everyone there and, if you see them on the road, give them a wide berth and lots of toots and waves. They're all feeling very weary and sore but WE'RE NEARLY THERE!!

In answer to your comment, Ceri, G says he would be up for it except for the chaffing and FB said something really rude which I can't repeat on the blog but he'll repeat to you tomorrow if you want him to!

Miles today - 50
Total mileage - 952

If I get lost tomorrow I'll have to eat my hat.


  1. See you tomorrow. You must be feeling amazing and so thrilled...I am almost tearful for you. Have a good rest boys and keep stitching Julia - you CAN do it.
    Love Ceri, Keith and Tom

    ps Nessy looks a bit bemused at St Michael's Mount. (Have you told her she isn't going back?)

  2. Well done all! Brilliant run. I haven't got very far with my tunnelling from John O'Groats to Lands End. Just at the moment I'm passing under the Royal Bank of Scotland nearby. Oh dear ....... I've suddenly had a brilliant idea.

  3. Ooooh Julia that is a tight one! Not the fit of the jumper, but the finish, obviously. Good luck, I'm willing you on!

    Best of luck for the whole team for the final leg of the journey, hope there are lots of people there to welcome you at the end of this long adventure. Wish I were there...