Thursday, 8 July 2010

D-Day Minus 1

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So the house is now in total chaos. I have bits of bikes all over the place - I found 3 spare tyres in the sitting room yesterday. There are bits that I don't even recognise, let alone have any idea what they do. I am seriously hoping that we have enough puncture repair kits because I'm praying we don't have that many punctures.

The knitting box is packed - wool (with extra balls), needles (with spares in case of breakages), pattern (plus spare copy), tape measure, pins, bodkins, scissors, stitch holders. Have I forgotten anything? I knitted a tension square and was glad I did as I've had to go down to a 4.5mm needle to get the tension (nearly) right - can't decide if it's the wool, my knitting or the tension (ha, ha) is getting to me.

The thing that I still can't get over is the chargers - we are taking 8 different chargers with us:
2 for still cameras (1 small for FB to carry, 1 big for me in the van);
1 for the video camera;
1 for the laptop;
4 for 4 different phones (the boys need theirs to text their mates).
possibly 1 more for T's PSP if he can find it (the charger that is, not the PSP).

Is this what the 21st century is all about? Wonderful technology but supplied by different appliances for everything and endless miles of cables. What did the Victorians do when they went on the "grand tour"? I guess they took paint and paper with them and painted the views and wrote letters. Somehow, I can't help feeling that it sounds a whole lot simpler!

This time tomorrow we'll still be en route to my parents in the Lake District. If the pink dongle (perhaps we'll re-christen it the "pongle") decides to play and we get the chance, we'll update with pics of the camper and the glorious Lakeland views. I understand there is Pimms waiting for us, though, so uploading pics may not be the top priority!

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  1. One of them snazzy iPhones might solve all your problems at once :-) Not that I have one. Don't forget the victorian stye great tours were not subject to a Ryanair limitation of 15kg of luggage, though. I bet they had a whole lot of junk with them too...

    Good luck to all!