Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow Part II

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OK, so I may be slightly over-egging the pudding here but snow in Penzance is so unusual that I've got 2 consecutive blogs about it. Yes, I know this blog is supposed to be about knitting so I'll do a little bit about that but the main news is the snow!

The igloo was completed late on Wednesday night - in the dark - lit only by head torches (I told you they were stubborn). Personally, I think every home should have one and, evidently, it is really warm inside - these Eskimos really know their stuff. Ladies and gentlemen - I give you - the Hopson family igloo (T inside):

Here is a picture of T inside which slightly reveals a little engineering help they had with some chicken wire - OK, so they're not Eskimos but I think you have to agree it's a pretty fine effort:

The last two days have been spent snowboarding (if any teachers are reading this, snowboarding is the cool word for revising, OK). Now, we don't actually possess a snow board but, hey, if you can make an igloo, you can make a snow board. Take one skateboard, remove its wheels and attachments and, bingo, one snowboard:

Evidently, body boards (usually seen in the water) are pretty good too and go damn fast:

The trick is to break before you get to the bottom and career into the Cornish hedge (or - worse) barbed wire!

T tried sledging on his skateboard conversion too:

And then they built a ramp and one of our lovely neighbours who is a fab artist (Chris Hankey - check out his website - here) showed off a bit!

OK, I hear you cry - so you're snowboarding and sledging in Cornwall so I guess there was a pretty fab view as well was there? Well, thank you for asking. There was a pretty splendid view, yes:-

Snowboarding, sledging and THAT view!

I guess I'd better talk about knitting for a bit - knitting - well, yes, I'm knitting another garter stitch scarf for when life gets a little stressed and I need some mind numbing garter stitch - pretty yarn with sparkle in it - not on the site yet but, watch this space. And then I'm also knitting (yes, broke all the rules - 2 projects on the go at the same time) a sweater in Colinette Tagliatelle which I found in the back of the shop (for "back of shop" you can randomly insert "Julia's stash".) We've got some odd bits of Colinette left over and there was enough to knit a sweater (said 4 skeins but I'm pretty damn sure I'm going to need 5) and I'm pleased with it despite having to rip half of the front out as I messed up the pattern, so it must be good. Front and back finished now - will start sleeves tonight (I always knit 2 at the same time) and might do some knitting in bed tomorrow. T has rugby training at 11.00 so I can slob and knit - yay!

Having said that - not sure how we're going to get home tonight - we slid gently down our half mile drive/private glacier and going back up might be a struggle. Got stuck yesterday and had to call out reinforcements (G&T) to push the car up the last bit. It's frozen even more since then so I can see the car being abandoned in a field - and we're due more snow tonight.

So - in the meantime - admire THAT view!

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  1. A really fun post to read - thanks Julia :)