Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Online Fraud Part 2

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The online fraud saga gets more and more bizarre. At the suggestion of my card machine company I paid a little visit to CID in Penzance this morning. They were very helpful but couldn't actually help as there was no suggestion that the card had been stolen or cloned - very odd. It was just simply that the cardholder hadn't authorised the payment. From their experience, their suggestion was that the cardholder might be a partner or friend who had then not been paid so had refused to authorise the transaction. I had three recommended courses of action:

1. contact my card machine company again and say that, as the card wasn't stolen or cloned and my customer had the goods, I shouldn't have the money taken from me;

2. contact the customer again; and

3. go to the small claims court to get the money back.

So - I started with 1 - which was a non-starter. As the cardholder hadn't authorised the transaction, I wasn't getting anything.

So I phoned the customer - who was in shock - having just read my (slightly cross) email of yesterday. She couldn't understand what had happened. She hadn't wanted to de-fraud me and she is sending me a cheque for the wool. So - what had happened? Well, we went through her card details and - would you believe it - she had transposed the last 4 digits of the 16 digit number. However, all the other security information you have to give (start date, expiry date, last 3 digits on the back of signature strip) were identical. So - in essence - apart from the last 3 digits of her number (and they are very similar) the other cardholders card is identical to hers. She is now contacting her bank for a new card!!

So - the moral of all this is:

1. My faith in the knitting community has been restored!

2. Make sure you double check your card details when you buy online!

In other - happier - news. I've inputted a new yarn on the site today! It's called Misty and it's from the ever-popular King Cole. There are just 4 colours and 4 patterns (but you get 2 designs on each pattern so that's really 8 patterns) to start with and it feels lovely. It's a sort of astrakhan-style and the colours change subtly as you knit. Sample patterns:

There are also four new patterns in Waves. I really like this one:

Waves is a slubby yarn so you get lots of texture too - and it's really, really soft.

Very excitingly, I got onto my trusty bicyclette yesterday and cycled into work. Apart from the track being a tad muddy, it was lovely and even the hill home wasn't too bad. One small disaster though - one of my front lights (I have 2 for when I run out of street lights) fell off going round the only roundabout I have to navigate. I pulled over (safely) and waited for a gap in the traffic. Two cars avoided it beautifully, the third went straight over the top. And it was my really expensive rechargeable one, as well. I replaced it today at Poundland. Tonight I'm leaving bicyclette in the shop as the weather has come in again and it's pouring and freezing - do you think the weather gods could give us a break?!

Mind you - bad weather + dark evenings = good knitting time.

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