Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Not Snow

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The snow has gone! Almost as quickly as it came, it went. We have one large snowball left and an awful lot of slush and the very sad remnants of the fab igloo and we also have a lot of happy memories and a lot of GCSE revision to do, which wasn't getting done at the same time as snowboarding.

It's now pouring and blowing a hoolly (Cornish expression - not sure of the spelling) - whooly, whoolly, hooly - who knows? In any event, it's about a force 9 and it's making things very cold and yucky. So the shop is very quiet and I'm catching up.

Over the past few days I've been quietly adding on a few more patterns which FB formatted for me a lifetime ago. All for babies and children they include such lovelies as:


and, for boys

Check them out in the babies and children's sections. Generally, they go from birth to about 7 years so there's enough to keep most people happy although, as ever, there are far more for girls than boys.

After the unbearably stressful last few months I've had, it's really nice to be back in the shop and updating things and blogging and talking to customers and just doing what I should be. I took time out and went to the chiropractor this morning (she crunched my neck in an alarming manner but my headache was instantly cured - marvellous!) and may even push the boat out and book a hair appointment (missed the one in December).

My New Year's resolutions for 2010 are to take Sundays off (yes, I know - shouldn't really have to make that a resolution), get less stressed and knit more. So far (12 days in) am succeeding on all 3 - yay!!

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  1. Good luck with those resolutions! And good to hear you can wind down a bit with the school business, and concentrate on wooly side of things.

    Yesterday, we had another 2 inches of snow dumped on top of the 8 we got last week Wednesday here in Oxford. But this morning it's finally starting to go clear up, I can at least cycle in to work without considering attaching stabilising skis on the side...