Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions

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Continuing on the Resolutions thread from the last entry, FB reminded me that we have a 4th resolution, which is to see more mates and go out more. This one has, actually, been almost as successful as the others so far as we've certainly seen more friends since Jan 1st than we probably did in the previous six months. However, I've realised that it leads to a quandary: we've been invited out to dinner on Saturday night - fantastic - moment's wobble when we considered that G is out beating all day on Saturday and has GCSE modules on Monday and T has a v important rugby match on Sunday. OK - so - leave the boys at home with supper and promises of an early night and out we go - sorted.

But - then - what to wear? Do I push to wear the Colinette on the needles - thereby completing the "knit more" resolution but potentially jeapordising the "less stress" resolution?

Discussed the matter with Tracey in the shop and she agreed that, whilst aiming for more knitting is a good and justifiable goal (we checked out patterns for my next project today), getting stressed in order to wear it on Saturday was silly and - anyway - under the 4th Resolution, there should be plenty of other opportunities to wear the Colinette.

It's a quandary, though.

Tomorrow I have the first full paperwork day of 2010 - this might test the "stress" resolution - think of me.

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