Monday, 23 March 2009

Wool Britannia Competition

I'm delighted to report that the Wool Britannia naming competition has been confirmed. The competition will be run in the June issue of "Knitting" magazine (out on May 14th) and the winner will receive a kilo of Wool Britannia in the colour of their choice. All entrants will receive a 10% voucher off their first purchase of Wool Britannia. Put the date in your diaries and start thinking of funny, clever and appropriate names for our un-named colour of wool.

On Saturday I entered some new baby patterns in James Brett's Marble Chunky plus some gorgeous baby patterns in Brett's Baby Marble and some wonderful baby patterns in Katia's Samba (new colours due in this week - can't wait) - who could resist a baby in those dungarees?

The new Hopson family rule is that we don't turn the computer on on Sunday. It almost worked yesterday - T was yomping on Bodmin and G realised they'd forgotton to buy me a Mother's Day card so he quickly whipped one up on the computer - bless!

I then spent Mother's Day cycling around West Penwith and, again, forgot the camera - hopeless, sorry! It was a truly stunning day - blue sky, blue sea and yellow gorse - sumptious. FB has told me to go and find my own little camera so we have a better chance of getting some pics - I'm off to the shop shortly. FB had three punctures - yes, three - so he's off to the cycle shop to get some new tyres. He has a fancy racing bike and the diddly little tyres don't really do well on West Penwith lanes. I trundle along on my hybrid mountain bike - complete with panniers - so I may not be the speediest in the world but I carry all the drinks and food and I do get there in the end! And, given that I have all the drinks and food they never leave me!

After all the glorious sunshine I gather we're now in for howling gales and lashing rain - hope you manage to avoid the snow.

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