Thursday, 26 March 2009

I've had a busy and, amazingly, fruitful couple of days - battling with end of year accounts in the morning and then in the shop in the afternoons.

Today I've done a batch of inputting on the site - patterns in Debbie Bliss (the Summer Essentials book and Rialto 4ply) and Rowan Classic (a load of patterns in their lovely summer yarn "Bamboo Soft"). I've also put on the new Debbie Bliss magazine which is jam packed full of patterns which makes it, at £3.75, excellent value for money.

I even managed some knitting this week - shock horror! I'm designing a jointed teddy bear in Cornish Organic and he's nearly done and I've managed to source more joints and eyes in case I sell out of the ones I have if teddy sells well. So, having put everything in place, I started putting him together last night and only had the arms to do. Charted out the arms - no problem - started knitting (whilst watching telly - this may have been my mistake) - got to just at the top of the arms and thought I'd better double check the number of stitches - 13 on the chart, 17 on my needles. Checked, double checked, pulled the whole lot out and went to bed - such is the joy of the knitwear designer. Round 2 tonight.

Tracey and I have also planned a fab waistcoat in Wool Britannia - she's now knitting it as she's a heck of a lot quicker than me and, to be fair to me, has more time. (It'll also mean that if I get the plan wrong it's her knitting she has to pull back but don't tell her that, OK). As and when I get my new camera I'll do a quick sneak preview.

G&T break up tomorrow for the Easter hols. I'm going to do a brief proud mum bit here - it was the school cross country race yesterday - whole school, run it or walk it, it doesn't matter - you just have to compete for your house. The Hopson household came 1st and 3rd - very proud mum and dad - well done boys!

We have friends down for the weekend and Jules is going to do some modelling for us - she's the lady modelling the Cornish Organic 4ply shawl. Friday night will, inevitably, involve copious quantities of the falling down water and then Jules will put her face on on Saturday and look gorgeous. Sunday is Rugby County Cup Final for T - Penzance Pirates v Falmouth - keep everything crossed for us, please.

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