Thursday, 5 March 2009

Last night, having tucked up the shop for the night, I packed up all my stuff to cycle home - did I mention that I cycle to work? Possibly not. Well I do, for two reasons: economic and waistline. We only have one car (trying to be economical and doing our small bit to save the planet) so I, the only woman in the house, ride my trusty velocipede. We live at the top of a fairly steep and long hill so the ride down to work is fine (just one slight incline) which, naturally, results in the home journey being almost entirely uphill. This bit, in particular, I'm hoping keeps the waistline in check.

Well last night I packed up, walked outside and was hit by a deluge of water - not a gently mist or even a gentle drizzle - no an absolutely deluge which showed no signs of stopping. Back into the shop, waterproof trousers on, cycle helmet on and back out into the elements. Rain is the bane of a cyclist's life and I wear glasses most of the time (having given up the contact lens battle) so, not only do I get drenched but I can't see anything either. Battled up the hill to home and dried out whilst nursing my Deidre.

This morning I woke up and it was hailing!! Hail, in March, in Cornwall - for heaven's sake! Luckily it stopped before I mounted my trusty steed and sped down the hill but it's been cold here today and I've just about had enough of it! And the wool reps keep coming round with summer cottons - down here we're still knitting scarves and hats! Spring, what spring?

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