Monday, 9 March 2009

Totally and utterly exhausing weekend so I was glad to get back to the shop for a rest. FB and friends went for a mountain biking expedition on Saturday so I had to drive them to their drop off point (bizarrely this was a pub - I have no idea why). Youngest son, T, went on a training walk for Ten Tors (this is a 35 mile yomp across Dartmoor carrying all your kit including tent which takes place in May) so he had to be at school at 9.00. Having persuaded Deidre to eat some food I then, finally, got to work.

I've inputted some Sirdar Organza patterns. Organza is a ribbon yarn which I absolutely adore but which, for some reason, didn't sell well for Sirdar. Maybe I have peculiar taste but I think it's lovely.

En route home to collect car with bike rack to collect cyclists - now very muddy and, inexplicably, inside said pub - had a phone call to say that there had been a fire at a cottage we rent out. Turned round to go and visit this cottage and, I have to say, it's pretty bad. One room gutted and the rest smoke and water damaged. The good news is 1) no-one was hurt, 2) the smoke detector worked perfectly thereby ensuring 1) and 3) some-one was in the house and heard the smoke detector so the entire house wasn't burnt to the ground. It was caused by a faulty electric blanket which set the bed on fire - not uncommon I gather so anyone with an electric blanket out there - be careful. Also, if anyone reading this hasn't got smoke detectors, I suggest you go out and buy them now.

Yesterday was rugby and more rugby - eldest son, G, had to be at the rugby club at 8.15am - joy - his team went on to win their match with some ease. Youngest son had a County Cup Semi-Final so I went to watch and they won by 8 tries to 2 so are now well into the final - hooray!

On the knitting front, I knitted two rows today - hoorah!

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