Tuesday, 17 March 2009

In my exhausted haze on Saturday night, I forgot to say that I've added on 4 new patterns in Cornish Organic Wool all designed for us by Tina Barrett. They are: a tartan scarf to match the tartan dress (very clever), a simple but stylish jacket, a gorgeous cabled wrap (which I wore constantly at the NEC) and a fabulous cabled sweater for the man in your life. Ours is done in the Cornish colours of black and gold but you can do them in whatever colours you fancy!

Also added 2 new patterns in sari silk. These are items I knitted for display here in the shop so I've finally put the patterns down on paper - both patterns are free at the moment when you buy the sari silk.

I've also added on both of Tina's books but - due to a technical problem which Thomas is working on - the book descriptions have come up twice, despite the fact that I only entered them once - it's on ongoing computer mystery.

Other computer mysteries which also bother me:

- what happens to all those emails which people swear they've sent but you never get - where do they go?

- what happens to the ones you know you've sent but are never received?

- where do emails go when the recipient's computer is switched off? Is there a great big waiting room in cyber-space where they all sit patiently waiting to be called?

These things - and more - are a mystery and will remain one, probably, for evermore - unless a techy type person is reading this and would like to explain it to us in words of only one syllable.

I had a day off on Sunday - OK, OK - you can all start calming down now - yes, I did and I went for a glorious walk with the FB and forgot to take the camera to show you this fantastic place where I live. If the weather continues as it is I'll do another walk this Sunday and I promise I will remember the camera this time.

When we came back there was a certain game of rugby to be watched and enjoyed - well done our lads!

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