Friday, 20 March 2009

Because I had to collect eldest son from rugby last night (and, yes, for you pedants I am going to start this sentence [and indeed entry] with the word "because") I didn't have time to put an entry in about our new venture - as mentioned in last Saturday's entry.

When we were at the NEC it was clear that many people are looking for British wool - possibly as part of the recession people are turning inward and wanting to support British farmers and British industry. This is something that is dear to our ethical hearts so, to this end, FB beavered away in his dye house and came up with a fantastic range of colours for our new brand - Wool Britannia. (If you don't "get" the name, think last night of the proms and sing it!)

The wool is British and is spun in Britain and is hand-dyed by FB here in Cornwall. We have launched with Aran weight wool so you can knit up all your favourite traditional British aran patterns - if you start now you'll have them all done for the autumn and you can then save on your heating bills by wearing your gorgeous British wool sweater!

To add a bit of fun to the whole project (and let's face it, we need some fun at the moment with all the doom and gloom in the news) we've named all the colours after places in Britain - red is Reading (obviously!), lime green is Lyme Regis etc, etc - you get the picture - some of them are wonderfully corny - check them out on the site.

We did some marketing shots in the garden and the much-improved Deidre came to have a look - here he is with me and the wool! Fortunately, he found the mountain of wool a bit alarming so didn't dive in.

You'll see on the site that we've left one colour un-named. We're going to run a competition for the final name - details, hopefully, by the end of today - if not, Monday - watch this space for your chance to win a free kilo of Wool Britannia.

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