Saturday, 14 March 2009

Once again I'm not sure where this week has gone. You wake up on Monday morning and then blink and it's Saturday afternoon - the good thing about it being a Saturday late afternoon is that I know when I've cycled home up the hill there'll be a G&T waiting for me! In fact, there'll be 2 lots of G&T waiting for me - sons G&T (home from a 12 mile yomp across Bodmin) and a G&T in a glass - they were aptly named, don't you think?!

Today I have entered two new brands of yarn - both from James Brett. One is Baby Marble - hot on the heels of the extraordinary success of Marble DK and Marble Chunky. The second is a totally new yarn called Rustic - a variety of colours with "bits" in - it's a bit late in the day and I can't think of a more technical term than to say it has "bits" in - you know what I mean. Both lovely yarns, both very soft and both a very good price. There are also some new patterns in both the Baby Marble and Marble Chunky but I need to scan those in (on Monday) and get FB to format them and then I'll insert them for you.

I've also inputted 5 new colours in Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply, 2 in Baby Cashmerino and 2 in Donegal Chunky Tweed. Also new patterns in Stylecraft Kon-Tiki and 4 new patterns for girls in King Cole Mirage. Put like that, it doesn't sound like very much but, trust me, it takes hours!

In other good news, we had an (almost) front cover again in Let's Knit magazine - the Union Jack bag (designed by good ol' Tina Barrett) is featured on the front and then the pattern is inside - it's done in Cornish Organic Wool as they are featuring the Best of British yarns. Hooray for them - let's continue to support our poor beleagured British sheep farmers instead of insisting on wool from the other side of the world - think of the polar bears (as T would say). T is on the school's student environmental panel (encouraging the children to turn off lights, put on a jumper instead of turning the heating up etc, etc) and every time I have to turn his bedroom lights off I yell, "think of the polar bears"!

Here is the front of this month's Let's Knit magazine. Spot the bag at the bottom right - see it? - "Groovy Bag"! .....

Here it is blown up (from the inside):

I hope you're all appreciating here how my technical skills are improving - uploaded images without any help from FB at all (apart from the fact that he had to format them, but that doesn't really count does it?).

In other news, Deidre is making a remarkable recovery - he still has a wonky head but (almost) runs to greet us in the morning now - aren't animals extraordinary? Eric is recovering slowly and Tabitha is grateful for the peace and quiet. On the fire front, we are meeting the loss adjustor on Monday so will hear more then but, in essence, it's in their hands now - which is marvellous. FB's wounds from his cycling accident last Saturday (did I mention he was hurtling down a path, hit a rock and went over the handlebars? possibly not - quite spectacular grazes which, I've been assured, hurt quite a lot) are now healing - scabs - yuk!

FB has been working on a new project - our garden is festooned with glorious colours of glorious wool drying in the sun. The new project will be launched on this very site on Thursday. It's exciting and we're having a bit of fun with it too - watch this space - Thursday - be here!

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